Henry Soemopawiro

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!.

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What I have learned

Divorce has an impact

Single-parent families run a great deal of risk that their children will derail. Because my mother had to work to support her family, we as children had to make the choices ourselves. This is no excuse, but I wasn’t lucky enough to have the right friends, and I always chose everything that was wrong. I am therefore very grateful that Jesus thought of me.

When they prayed for me I felt powers leave my body.

Filled with evil spirits

Furthermore, I have noticed that those who are addicted are filled with a lot of demons. When they prayed for me, I felt powers leave my body. Now that I know more about the spirit world, I now understand that feeling better. After that prayer I felt a total relief. As if a “hebi” (a heavy burden) had left me! I know from experience that addicts are bound by only evil spirits.

The way is being prepared

God knew exactly why he pulled me out of that situation, because I had to prepare an atmosphere for my daughter for the Lord’s spiritual work. Now that I think about the situation, how would she spiritually support her husband if she had an addicted father? Who would stand in the gap for her, spiritually, when she was in need? When she is in trouble, who would say a prayer of faith to move God’s angels? Who would prepare her spiritually?

God has done more for me

One thing is certain: God makes no mistakes and knows exactly why He does what He does. The last of this has certainly not been said, because the Lord has done much more for me. I will discuss this in a next episode.

Obedience: an important ingredient

The right people around you help create an atmosphere of new opportunities and growth. I am very grateful to Sandra for her patience, but also her trust in me. She also had to follow and obey a voice, and I am very glad she has not given up on me. Where would I be today if she had left me out in the cold? She is and therefore remains my “Sweetheart”.

A testimony of blessing

I hope and pray to God that this testimony may touch hearts and that one will never, ever give up praying for their addicted brother, uncle, child and perhaps friend (or close relationship). I will never let go of the Jesus I serve, because of the total transformation caused by Him, and if He can do it for me, He can do it for you too.

God knew exactly why he pulled me out of that situation, because I had to prepare an atmosphere for my daughter for the Lord’s spiritual work.

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